We design and sculpt meticulously our brand with all smart techniques and advanced composition.

VISH is a garment manufacturer and retailer, founded in Pakistan in 2017. The brand is particularly well-known for jeans pants.

How Did We Decide?

The decision for the best jeans brand is essentially based on the quality and feel of the denim material. No one enjoys wearing a pair of jeans that are coarse, heave and untidy in its stitching Other factors such as the availability of stores and pricing play an important role too.

Now let’s talk about our journey.

We maintain consistency in designs and concepts.
Develop technical clothing patterns from digital sketches.

VISH was founded in 2017 by Sadia Khan, who established a textile factory in Sialkot, Pakistan. In 2017 VISH first introduced the Jean Pants locally from the native Country. In 2018, the product has launched in Export market.

VISH makes beautiful, everyday clothing jeans pants that forms the foundation of the modern luxury wardrobe. We believe in making clothes with care. We care about where we source our materials from, the people we work with and the quality of everything we do.

VISH is a Pakistan heritage brand with a contemporary approach, building a global reputation for uncompromising quality, timeless design and luxury fabrics We create clothes that will last and we use natural, organic and recyclable materials whenever we can. We have a strong sense of tradition, history and craft, but we do not rely on the past. We use it to shape the future.

Our brand “VISH” has came out as one of the best choice & most affordable range for durable men’s and women’s denim jeans.

The Best Design

Discover the Ways Design Influences How Your Jeans Look, How They Feel, and How They Wear and Fade

You probably know there’s such a thing as ‘designer jeans.’ But have you ever thought about how misleading that term could be; indicating that only designer jeans are designed?

Of course, that’s not true!

All jeans are designed. Whether your jeans are made from kittens eyelashes and embellished with rhinestones, or they’re a vintage non-name brand you found at your local thrift store; they’ve been designed by a designer.

We design influences all aspects of our Product; how it looks, how it feels on the body, how it wears and fades. The design also differentiates makers. And when it comes to designing jeans, nothing can be left to chance.

There are three parts in the series about how jeans are made:

  • Design & Development
  • Cut & Sew
  • Garment Finishing

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works,”

We design denim garment knowing the fabric we use  “The final garment will be defined by our selection of fabric, design details, the way it’s stitched, as well as treatment and finishing. This is what’s actually design when it comes to denim,”.

It’s paramount that the sketch precisely explains what we want the garment to look like and how the fabric behaves to ensure production runs smoothly.”

The most important element of the design is the pattern, which the anatomy of the jeans and determines how they fit.

We design high-quality jeans feature uniform, even stitching in which the thread follows a specific pattern. Some manufacturers create rows with the thread, while others use a zig-zag pattern. Regardless, the stitching on jeans should follow a consistent and uniform pattern. If there’s no sense of uniformity to the stitching, you should consider purchasing a different, higher quality pair of jeans like us.

 A normal pair of jeans is we made from roughly 20 different cuts. Details like the yoke are important. This is the section on the back of jeans that’s traditionally in a V-shape. Together with the curved seat and the shorter front rise; the yoke gives jeans their signature figure-hugging fit. But the yoke is just one aspect of the pattern.

The Best Materials

Pakistan has become denim hub in the region in less than a decade and one of the leading suppliers of quality denim fabric to the world’s known brands for the garments. Exports of denim fabric from Pakistan have reached Rs. 47 billion during the year 2014-15, a commendable performance of denim sector of Pakistan.

VISH is one of the  exporter of denim fabric which is a durable cotton warp-faced textile during which the pick passes below 2 or additional warp threads. This twill weaving produces a diagonal ribbing that differentiates it from cotton duck or any other fabric. Denim is 100 percent cotton material which consists of various colors of yarn and warp. In denim fabric, one color is predominant on the material surface. Denim could be a common material for manufacturing. VISH is an international Clothing brand providing best quality denim fabric around the globe. We promise for the best quality of Denim Fabric meeting to the international standards for our clients all over the world.

The Best Guarantee

A well-made pair of jeans can be a brilliant thing. But after you’ve invested a chunk of change and given them years of care, you want insurance .Vish  offer a free repair service for the lifetime of the garment; all you have to do is pay for the shipping and wash them beforehand.

It’s not a replacement guarantee, but with items of clothing we tend to think those policies are more marketing than confidence. Vish  will fix your jeans for life, because they know they’ll only need a little TLC.

A wide range, a fair price

We’ve scoured the earth and have pulled together the ultimate list of the BEST, most AFFORDABLE jeans in current styles and cuts. 

Affordable  jeans. What feelings does this conjure up for you? Scoffing? Fear? Disbelief?

For most of us (especially because we are busy) jeans are the backbone of our wardrobe. 

They are the ultimate pant that dresses up or down based on wash, color and what you pair with them. Jeans have the ability to make or break the versatility of your closet and what you wear.

Basically, jeans are the can’t-live-without, bomb-dot-com, absolutely-must-have pants for anyone’s wardrobe.

The real kicker here is that finding the perfect pair of jeans is HARD. We all have a preference of how much or how little stretch they should have, how high- or low-waited they should be and how dark or light the wash is. That’s without even talking about the cut. Skinny? Boot cut? Wide leg?

Here at Frump Fighters we want to make it easier for those

Who want to  find the clothes they need at an affordable price. We don’t know about you, but we have found jeans to have a huge price range, from cheap jeans to high-end jeans in the market.

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